Vegan Bodybuilding: Muscles on Plants: 60 Pre & Post Workout Plant Based Meal Ideas For Boosting Workout Performance, Better Recovery and Maximizing Growth


Not Sure What To Eat Before or After Your Workout on A Plant Based Diet?

Looking For New Ideas To Diversify Your Daily Meal Plan?

When transitioning to a plant based diet (whether you are vegan or raw vegan), it’s important to learn how to fuel your body properly and give it everything it needs. Being an athlete or a bodybuilder, we need to give extra emphasize on our pre and post workout meals. That’s why I created this book in order to give you ideas for vegan and raw vegan pre & post workout meals for maximum results and great performance in your training.

What You’ll Find In This Book…

  • Meal Ideas To Eat 3-4 Hours Before Your Workout
  • Meal Ideas To Eat 0.5-1.5 Hours Before Your Workout
  • Meal Ideas To Eat Post Workout
  • Nutrition Guidelines For The Vegan/Raw Vegan Athlete
  • And Much Much More…

This step by step guide will give you all of the tools you need to achieve….

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