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  • @KofykatKashyap I just bought a 12 pack of Ramen noodles for $2.00 Wow that is mad expensive where you are! The funny thing about here is meat is cheaper than Fruits, Veggies, and healthy stuff. The Chinese here can't get over that difference. I don't see how it makes sense either. I will try to make vegan videos in the near future, and hopefully offer some good recipes you can maybe make.

  • @KofykatKashyap They do sell tofu that is extra soft which is like an egg feel to it. Also go to google and search "Vegan egg substitute" Which is actually what I think I used in this video. I can't remember though. I like anything usually by Boca and Morning Star. Which is the veggie chicken pattie I used. Awesome.

  • @KofykatKashyap I don't know about what you have available at the market where you are, but they do make an egg substitute for vegans that is soy based. You could look into that. I usually have to go to a specialty shop like , a whole foods store. It is not found in regular markets.

  • @KofykatKashyap No Problem! Bhut Jolokia. I love those peppers! How about some soy products like Tofu is always a good option to beef up a dish; especially cooked in Olive oil in a pan first. We use Mushrooms a lot of the time as a meat substitute. If you grind it up , and mash it with very soft brown rice carrots, and whatever veggie you like you can make your own vegetarian Veggie burger. They are really awesome. Mushrooms and brown rice can make a variety of dishes for Vegans.

  • @dlfite10b The veg food is awesome for sure thanks!

  • @KofykatKashyap Haha I was not being rude. Culture expressional barrier obviously. Sounds like you got it right except for the eggs part that is just cultural choice obviously. Many vegetarians here eat eggs. You have no reason for distress.

  • @dlfite10b That makes you a Vegan not a vegetarian.

  • @KofykatKashyap There is a difference between Vegetarian and Vegan look it up.

  • well i am pure veg and doesnt even eat egg and its not a bit challenging
    the veg food is awesommmmee

  • I love them. It actually does in a sense taste like a Chicken patty, because most of the chicken patties with chicken use soy for a filler. So this is the soy without the chicken. A lot of the vegetarian stuff today taste better than it use to. When I first became a full vegetarian years ago a lot of the food tasted bad, but they have really improved that. I recommend morning star and Boca burger stuff. Morning star is my favorite.

  • I have a question the vegetarian chicken patty does it taste good? I always heard vegetarian meats taste like veggies or something like that? Does it taste like real chicken? I want to become something close to a vegetarian someday

  • Thanks! I am no longer 100% vegetarian. I was for years, but meat is cheaper, and does have benefits in moderation. I am mainly vegetarian and I like it a lot! I will have more recipes coming soon!

  • Look's good I'm definitley gonna try the salad. Thanks for the recipe.

  • @ShawnCorytube I hear ya, that's why I'm only trying it for a month. I pretty much know 100 percent that I'm not going to continue as a vegan afterwards. If anything I'll just use the knowledge I've gained to eat healthier and such more or less like you have. Plus going vegan helps to force yourself to cook, lol.

  • HEYYYYYYYYYYY that first meal looked GREAT!! MMMM I have that stuff in my fridge and never thought to combine them LOL

    Im not a salad girl but that looked pretty good too!!

  • No they are not vegan they have milk and eggs. The egg substitutes are vegan. You have to go to places like whole foods, to find the strictly vegan stuff and it is expensive. It really is a challenge to be Vegan! Plus you have to balance out what you are not getting from the animal products, which can be challenging as well. Just research it and see if it is for you. I am not against it, but full vegan is not for me for some of those reasons. See if it will work 4 U

  • Hey, that sounds great! That'd be cool. Yeah, being vegan is pretty challenging. From the looks of it though that meal you made was primarily vegan and (correct me if I'm wrong) I think the only thing that wasn't was the cream cheese right? Because the meat was vegetarian (composed of veggies, right?) and the eggs were egg substitute yes? Anyhow, I'll definitely keep an eye out for any strictly vegan vids you make as well as your other stuff!

  • I have been eating as low carb stuff as I can find because it is carbs that are making me fat. My body doesn't process them normal. I have given up bread all together. It was hard at first, but now I don't miss it! I got more recipes coming down the road soon!

  • Ok well I will maybe do some vegan stuff too! I find that challenging because almost everything has animal products in it, or if it doesn't it is loaded with High fructose corn syrup to make it taste better which isn't good either. My wife bought me an awesome blender food processor I will be making some stuff. I have a few vegan ideas I want to try with the juicer remains.