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  • tip: try and make really good descriptions and use more video tags.

    try making sentences in your descriptions. they don't have to make sense, they just need to target good keywords and look like a sentence. a good example would be
    "i teach you how to make a delicious quick and easy tomato salad recipe. this is good for anyone who wants a salad recipe quick. this is one of the best tomato salad recipes. try this tasty salad recipe."
    it should be put near the bottom of the description. it's a very messy sentence so it's not supposed to be something for the viewer to read. it's only there to put good keywords in your description in some sort of sentence form so youtube pushes out your video to people who search for it. feel free to copy and paste the one i provided into your description.
    also, copy and paste these tags to this video:
    summer tomato salad recipes, salad recipe quick, quick and easy tomato salad recipe, easy tomato salad recipe

    i have a youtube plugin that lets you see the search engine optimization on anyone's video so i'll be able to tell if these boost your SEO score.

    this will gain you somewhat better views. i hope it helps.