Sprouts Salad | Mallika Badrinath Recipes | Indian Style

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Green Gram Sprouts – ½ Cup
Channa Sprouts – ½ Cup
Finely Cut Zuccini – ¼ Cup
Finely Cut Cucumber – ¼ Cup
Finely Diced Yellow Capsicum – ¼ Cup
Finely Diced Brocolli – ¼ Cup
Finely Diced Carrot – ¼ Cup
Salad Oil – 1 Tsp
Sliced Leek – Little
Salt – To Taste
Red Chillies Flakes – Little
Raw Mango Finely Cut – ½ Cup
Mixed Herbs – 1 Tsp
Lemon Juice – 1 Tblsp
Lettuce Leaves
Flax Seeds – 1 Tsp

1. Dice all the vegetables finely and mix together in a bowl.
2. Mix oil, salt, lemon juice and shake them all together in small bottle.
3. Pour over diced vegetables, sprinkle chilli flakes, mixed herbs and toss gently.
4. Serve on top of lettuce which is placed on serving platter.
5. Sprinkle flax seeds on top.


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