Salad Recipes: 25 Easy to Prepare and Creative Salad Recipes to Reduce Your Weight (Salad Recipes…

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Salad Recipes: 25 Easy to Prepare and Creative Salad Recipes to Reduce Your Weight (Salad Recipes, potato salad recipes, egg salad recipe)

One of the best ways of losing weight without suffering is by replacing one of your daily meals with a ‘salad meal’
In fact, salads, when prepared with the right ingredients, can help you slim down while nit forcing you to stop eating or reducing your meals to bird sized portions! Of course, you will have to forget butter and fat meat, but you don’t need to have a bland and flavourless diet to slim down
On the contrary, many of the foods that help is regain our slim figure are delicious, and they are even more so if we know how to mix them well
The salads in this book follow four key principles about slimming down:Reducing the intake of unhealthy fatsIncreasing the intake of food that actively makes you slim downIncreasing the intake of food that makes you feel fullIncreasing the intake of food that facilitates your energy consumption All the recipes in Salad Recipes:25 Easy to Prepare and Creative Salad Recipes to Reduce Your Weight are easy to prepare and packed with flavour; this is because it is easier to stick to a diet if what we eat is not bland and it is also easier to keep going if the recipes don’t demand you to be a professional chef! What is more, the recipes in this book cater for a wide range of tastes and always offer a very balanced intake of nutrients to allow you to slim down while keeping that lovely smile on your face! Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, and find "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion
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