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Mango Coconut Burfi is a soft and juicy finger dessert from the Indian cuisine. It brings together the flavors of mango and coconut, playing in perfect harmony with each other, to result in a delectable dessert.

Clarified butter/ Desi ghee ( 1 tsp)
Coconut Powder or fresh/frozen shredded coconut (1 cup)
Milk ( 1 cup / 250 ml)
Milk Powder ( 2/3 cup)(substitute with 2 cup milk)
Almonds ( blended and separated into almond meal and small pieces by straining )( ½ cup)
Mango Pulp ( ½ cup)
Sugar ( 3 tbsp or as per taste)
Note: DO NOT use coconut flour!

1. Set a wide non-stick shallow pan at low-medium heat.
2. Warm clarified butter in the pan.
3. Add coconut powder and mix with the ghee. Roast for 30-40 seconds while mixing continuously.
4. Add milk and stir occasionally till the milk dries up.
5. Sprinkle milk powder and mix thoroughly.
6. Add almond meal and 1/3 of the almond pieces. Mix well.
7. Roast this mix for a few minutes till it becomes dry.
8. Add mango pulp. Keep stirring and roast at high heat.
9. Add sugar and keep roasting till all the moisture is dried up.
10. The mix lumps together. Switch off the heat.
11. Let the mix cool for a minute and then transfer to a greased plate/tray.
12. Using a table knife/spatula/ hands shape the mix into a square.
13. Mark cuts for the burfi pieces in the mix. Cover the plate with a cling wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours.
Enjoy homemade mango coconut burfi!

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