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The best option for workaholics when they skip their meal is to munch some salad which will keep them going all day long. Here is a quick chicken salad recipe dressed with mayonnaise, strawberries, orange juice and fresh vegetables

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Boneless chicken
Black pepper
Poppy seeds
Lemon juice
English Mustard
Orange juice
Olive oil

Heat oil in a pan and cook the chicken for a while
Flip it and sprinkle some salt, black pepper, on it
Flip it over sprinkle black pepper and orrange juice
Now shred the chicken with the help of a knife
Take shredded chicken in a bowl, spread the spinach leaves
Add sliced strawberries

Take poppy seeds in a bowl, some salt, lemon juice, English mustard, some olive oil and mix it well

Now add the dressing on the salad

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