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Kids and pizza go hand-in-hand, so why not give them what they like?

This easy pizza features jarred tomato sauce, leftover chicken, and frozen dough — assembly takes no time at all! Adding veggies is a good way to help your little ones get extra vitamins and minerals. “I usually don’t like spinach, but it is good here,” says Matt, 9.

Veggie Fried Rice

Instead of grabbing takeout, try this veggie-packed rice on a busy weeknight. You can use brown rice for added fiber, and Jaime, 11, suggested adding shrimp to make it a heartier dinner option.

Burger Sliders

Mini burgers are the perfect size for little fingers…and the perfect price for your pocketbook — only 78 cents per serving! “I really like that is has hidden ingredients and that it’s really small,” says Emilie, 9.

Golden Macaroni and Cheese

Forego the boxed alternative and try serving this homemade recipe. Our group of kid judges loved the mac and cheese as a main dish, and they all agreed that it would also be a really good side. “I love cheese! I like how it is so creamy!” says Matt, 9.

Chicken Nuggets and Sweet Fries

“This is the best chicken I’ve ever had,” sums up the thoughts of all of our judges, especially Emilie, 9. These oven-fried chicken breast nuggets are lower in fat and calories than the traditional drive-thru nuggets, and baked sweet potato fries instead of French fries make a healthy substitute.

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