instant coconut ladoo recipe – quick coconut ladoo recipe with desiccated coconut & condensed milk,

instant coconut ladoo with complete details here –

instant coconut ladoo is a quick recipe of preparing ladoo just with 2 main ingredients – desiccated coconut and sweetened condensed milk.

the recipe gives sweet tasting ladoos if used 1 cup of condensed milk or milkmaid. for a less sweet taste, you can use ¾ cup of condensed milk. both amul mithai mate and milkmaid work well in this recipe.

the desiccated coconut used is not the grated or shredded dry coconut, but one in a powder form. its also called as desiccated coconut powder. ghee is optional to use and so is cardamom powder.
if not using ghee, then just roast the coconut in pan on a low flame for a minute.

the quick coconut ladoo recipe gets done within 15 minutes and you just need to wait for the ladoo mixture to become warm or cool down, before you start shaping into ladoos. rolling the ladoos in desiccated coconut is optional and can be skipped.

this instant coconut ladoo recipes makes for about 18 ladoos. recipe can be easily doubled, halved or tripled.

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