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  • Yep ur cooking it like I do , instead of the vinegar and oil u can also use a lil broth, außerdem wenn du die Kartoffeln im Wasser läßt, lassen sie sich besser abschälen und wenn es noch heiß sind, saugen se die Dressing besser auf, ich hab auch mit meinen Ami’s festgestellt, dass die keinen Zucker im Salat mögen

  • Your Show is Awesome … Thanks so much – I've watched all of them

  • I think the flavor profile with the broth, vinegar, wine and sugar must be delicious!

  • Lovely! I´ll take a kg of that please!

  • Appreciated.
    My great grandma was from Bavaria .She passed down the potato salad to grandma ,my mother ,later on ,to me .All adds up , except the HOT , sugary stuff ,poured on those delicious potatoes , including reddish ,yes …

  • Looks amazing! Will be making it this week! I am about to make your pork roast with the dumplings first and I know they will all be great! Love this channel!

  • Oliver it seems that you have taken me back to my Grandmother's kitchen. She was born in Tyrol and though she considered herself Italian, I am finding out that most of her recipes are either Austrian or Southern German. Her salad was very similar to yours except she used unpeeled red potatoes, scallions instead of chives, and added thin slices of celery as well as chopped celery leaves and parsley to the salad. After preparation she put the salad in a covered bowl and let the mixture marinade in the fridge for an hour or so, so that the potatoes would soak up the liquid. She served it cold and I loved it as a boy.

  • Guten Tag Klas! I love your channel and love the German food you prepare. I'd like for you, in future shows, to do Shwenkbraten ala Mosel River Valley/Hunsruck of Germany. It is a marinated pork steak grilled outside and usually accompanied by a brotchen and some sides, and I would love to see you show it off. Bitte!

  • Yes of course the first thing you do is eat the bacon lol

  • Interesting recipe..I've never had potato salad with broth and radishes before

  • 3:38 No. The bacon will not be "real crispy" since you fry it together with onions. A tip – fry the bacon first. When brown, put it on some paper. Now you can fry the onion in the bacon fat. If there isn't enough, add some oil… In this way you will have really crispy bacon and also the fried onion, but put together at the some time in the frying pan will not make the bacon crispy. Try it yourself!

  • Don't peel thin skinned potatoes. All the vitamins are in the skin. The rest is just starch. Also, you're peeling out chunks of potato. Why peel the skin. Why???