We Visit The First Keto Bakery! Full Day of Keto Eating

We Visit The First Keto Bakery! Full Day of Keto Eating
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We Visit The First Keto Bakery! Full Day of Keto Eating
We Visit The First Keto Bakery! Full Day of Keto Eating

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  • I live on the Roswell-Marietta border. This is 15 minutes from my house. I’m going there right now!! Thanks for alerting us to this. I love living in Atlanta. We always get cool stuff!!
    UPDATE: I got regular coffee and 2 shots of the keto pumpkin spice sweetener. I had my choice of heavy cream, half/half, almond or coconut milk to cream my coffee (I went with HC), and I got a snickerdoodle cookie and a slice of chocolate mousse cake. WOW! YUM! I couldn’t finish either one. That’s keto for ya, you get full fast. No worries, I have dessert for tonight! Thanks Matt & Megha for telling us about this place. This makes Keto that much easier. A total game changer. I’ll be a regular! 😊

  • "When we have kids. If we keep them." …..?

  • im prediabet and doing keto to correct blood sure…stevia really triggers an insulin spike in me/makes me really tired – im super skeptical when it comes to "keto sweeteners"

  • I have no use for Huckster (not an actual doctor) Berg, his astonishingly over-priced junk, and his srsly annoying, so full of himself, condescending personality (“Let me explain this so maybe you can wrap your mind around it” – shudder). If I accidentally see him, I feel the immediate need for a shower. Maybe it’s my life lesson to learn to like people like that, bec I sure find him very irritating.

  • omg I want a dessert!! hate you guys right now!

  • Im sooo going there for my anniversary….so excited

  • I wish someone would open a keto restaurant or bakery here in Omaha. I wish they would ship. I would order. I'm a Toyota girl all the way!

  • Didn't realize you guys were in Atlanta area!

  • They need to come to Chicago! Ahh!

  • Hi everyone, I am the founder of Zambawango. Love all the incredible feedback on our desserts! Thank you!! Wanted to chat about our coffee program too, as we've made a significant investment on elevating the coffee experience in Sandy Springs/Atlanta and take it away from sugary, low quality coffee.

    We are as serious about Keto on the coffee side as we are on the dessert/pastry side. We brew only single origin and blended Batdorf & Bronson coffee and make our own syrups.
    We offer all natural Low Carb (less than 1 carb) chocolate, cinnamon spice, caramel and vanilla in addition to simple syrup. We make it all from scratch. The choco for example starts with 99% choco, then cream and butter and swerve added to make it a less than 1 carb mocha flavoring. Compare that to the 42 carb mocha at Starbucks https://www.starbucks.com/menu/catalog/nutrition… We hope you make us your coffee destination. We open at 6 30 am weekdays, 9 am Saturday. We look forward to serving you.

  • I get 36 mpg in my Nissan Altima with 2.5 liter four cylinder and it FLIES!

  • I don't even care if I get trolled for this but don't you ever change your music!!! Can't appeal to everyone's likes and to all the haters, rap music is nice music!!!! And so is the Beatles and Beethoven and death metal etc. I know I'm just 1 subscriber out of soooooooo many but your music is actually what made you stand out to me as a 30 something ketoer also from Philly. i know that has nothing to do with keto but being relatable is important for this YouTube sh** lol #thatisall

  • They must branch out.. looks to die for. That would be a daily stop for me (mm carrot cake hello). NY please.. thank you. <3

  • Megha Ben, Jai Shree Krishna from Rajkot 😀

  • Lots of baby language and mama language. Does someone have a baby itch?

  • Awe man I didn't even know about this conference & I was in the area. Boo. Anyway on the car rental, it depends how long the rental is. If it's 2 or 3 days it can be well worth it to get the damage waiver that protects the car & your insurance won't have to be involved if there's a scratch/ding/chip on the window. But if you rent for a week plus, it's more of a gamble and it starts to add up. Former car rental manager here. 😉

  • What was the name of the movie you were talking about at the end?? Not the show 3 wives, 1 husband cause that’s a series on Netflix

  • You should have that bakery do your wedding cake