Green Smoothie Recipes Magnet – The Perfect Healthy Drinks Cheat Sheet For Your Fridge (5.5″ x 8″)



Don’t waste any time searching up green smoothie recipes online. Always keep a full list of instructions to create delicious and healthy drinks conveniently on your kitchen refrigerator with this wonderful cheat sheet. This magnet guide uses 45 different ingredients to help you create an endless list of healthy smoothies. Whether for a gift, or for making your OWN life easier, this magnet is a must have for any kitchen.GREAT DESIGN: Visually Appealing design that looks great on your fridge
CONVENIENT: All the information you need located right in your kitchen
LEGIBLE: High-quality instructions that are easy to read
WELL MADE: This magnet it tough, thick (30 Millimeters) and resistant to sun fading

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