21 Best Superfood Smoothie Recipes – Discover Superfoods Book #2: Superfood smoothies especially designed to nourish organs, cells, and our immune system and help us resist diseases.


What did you have for breakfast? Could a morning smoothie actually help you feel better and be healthier?

Good question.

Gone are the days of the ‘nutritionally void’ cup of tea and piece of toast for breakfast! Instead, say ‘hello’ to 21 nutrient-rich smoothies that are delicious and will satiate even the best appetites.

These superfood smoothies are especially designed to nourish our organs, cells and immune system to help keep us safe from health irritations and diseases. They will charge your energy and help slow your body’s degeneration from the ageing process.

For ‘superfood newbies’, I usually recommend starting with a daily green smoothie (or at least 5 days a week) to ensure you adequately alkalise your digestive system, in order to receive the best nutrition to charge your body for a healthy, happy and energy-enhanced day.

Whether you found this book via my first book, ‘21 Best Cacao Recipes’, or you’re a member of my on-line community at Facebook.com/Superfoodies.co.nz, or you’re hooking up with me here for the first time; I’d like to welcome you to this introduction to the wonderful world of ‘superfood smoothies’. It’s a world that’s very special to me because it’s the place where my own true health journey began.

In this book …

You’ll experience the pleasures of delicious superfood smoothies; as well as quick-and-easy recipes that I’ve simplified over the years so they’re fast and easy to make, while retaining maximum potency to deliver all the health-promoting nutrition you’re expecting.

I invite you to share my daily journey to better health …

Simply by adding these 21 delicious superfood smoothies to your diet; they’re powerful and, if you’re looking to give your brain, body and immune system extra support, like me, they might even change your life!

Eat better – Think better – Feel better

Donna Davidson



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