Instant Chocolate Whey Protein Mug Cake | Protein Rich Recipe | Fitness Dessert | 1 Minute Microwave

Nutritious & Delicious Dessert for the Fitness lovers. This chocolate mug cake recipe packs a high amount of protein and will satisfy your urge to eat a chocolate cake. This Zero cholesterol cake goes easy on your abs. Goes good as post workout, pre workout or even without workout. After all anytime is a good time for a chocolate cake especially when it’s packed with proteins. 😁


– Chocolate Flavored Whey Protein- 1 Scoop (30g)
– Cocoa Powder- 1 Tablespoon
– Baking Powder- 1/2 Teaspoon
– Milk- 3 Tablespoons
– Peanut Butter(Optional)- 1 Tablespoon


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