Banoffee Pie | Easy Dessert Recipe | Beat Batter Bake With Priyanka

Learn how to make Banoffee Pie , a tasty and quick dessert recipe with Priyanka.

Tempted by desserts? Then Banoffee Pie is here to satisfy your temptations! The Yummy and delightful Banoffee Pie is loved by everyone. So, watch and learn how to make this sinfully sweet Banoffee Pie at home.


– Condensed Milk – 1 can

– Ripe bananas -2 or 3

– Crushed digestive biscuits – 10

– Melted butter – 1/4th cup

– Cinnamon powder- 1 tbsps

– Cream- 1 cups


To make toffee

-Immerse the closed can in a heavy bottom pot and bring it to a boil
-Leave on a simmer for 2 ½ to 3 hours ensuring the can is immersed in water at all times  (or the can will explode)
-Remove from heat and let it cool completely.
-Open the can to taste one of the most addictive toffees

To make Banoffee

-Mix crushed biscuits and butter in a bowl.
-Spoon half of this in 4 glasses
-Peel and slice the Bananas.
-Place then on top of biscuit mix in the glasses, sprinkle a pinch of Cinnamon on top of the Bananas
-Mix toffee and 3/4th cup of cream to thin it a bit and spoon on top of the bananas
-Continue layering the glass with biscuit, bananas and toffee as desired
-Whip ½ cup cream and pipe on top of the dessert and dust with cocoa powder

Host: Priyanka Doshi
Director: Tushar Tawde
Camera: Kavaldeep Singh Jangwal, Manjeet Katariya, Akshay Durgule
Editing: Kishor Rai
Creative Head: Kavya Krishnaswamy
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited

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