we’re making a classic Italian cookie called an anginette (or maybe anginetti? The internet says both!). These cookies are cakey, lemoney, and slightly sweet. Plus they have funfetti sprinkles which are always the best in my books! I’m making these cookies as part of a series called Dinner Exchange on Kin Community’s channel and an awesome hot for foodie named Joe Rap gave me his grandma’s recipe from his family so we could share a vegan version with the world!



Big thanks to Joe Rap for participating in this episode of Dinner Exchange. Check out his Twitter here:

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  • I LOVED this episode and can relate to him saying you changed his life. Instagram was pivotal for me in becoming vegan. I've always been someone who loved the food network and loved watching cooking shows because I love cooking. I've always wanted to be a chef. But it doesn't seem to be much content out there (cooking shows, tv shows) marketed towards vegans. (Although I do believe that's changing). Of course I follow lots of vegan pages on Instagram that post lots of awesome videos. But your channel is like it's own vegan cooking show. I keep wondering if you guys have a patreon…I think that's what it's called. Because you do so much and you reach so many people….people who think vegans are weird and extreme and that veganism is so limiting. Sorry for the speech but I've been binge watching you guys the last few days. I haven't made any of the recipes yet but I can't wait to go grocery shopping and try to!

  • I grew up eating those but we called them sugar cookies lol

  • Lauren: Tofutti vegan ricotta cheese has a bad taste and smell but Kite Hill vegan ricotta cheese both tastes and smells amazing… You have to try it!

  • Hey Lauren!
    I am italian, and i've never seen this cookie in my life, i also looked for the italian recipe but i only found american recipes, nothing italian.. We would just call them "Biscotti limone e ricotta", but they are really unpopular, i think that this might just be one of the many fake italian recipes you can find in america, like "alfredo sauce" (This really doesn't exist in italy and we would never never never use that kind of sauce for pasta).
    Many of these fake italian recipes usually came from italian-american people who often have never even been to italy, this makes me really angry because if you really wanna try traditional italian food, you have to go to the non-touristic part of the italian city you are visiting, for exemple i live in Rome, and the really good restaurants are the ones where romans go for dinner on saturday, not exclusively in the city centre, not the ones with only tourists outside, beacuse thast is just as fake as an american "italian restaurant", or if not fake, cerainly overpriced.
    If you want, i would be HAPPY to work with you to veganize a real italian recipe, something we eat on a daily basis for lunch or dinner, or even a dessert.
    I apologize if i made some grammar mistakes, but i really wanted to make these thing clear for everyone.
    And please stop the stereotype that we are just street music, pizza and pasta, beacuse if you come to visit Rome and you don't go on the classic touristic spots in the city, you'll find an incredibly different city than you expected, the real Rome. In the city center you'll find traditionals little restaurants with a few tables on really small streets, that is not the real Rome, that's just the scenery that catches tourists to go there beacuse is the "image" that other countries have about us, and italian tourism makes money right on that, and trust me, that's not Italy.
    If you want real italian recipes, vegan or not, contact me and i will be happy to help anyone, my email address is
    And Lauren, i LOVE yor recipes, i tried most of them and they are amazing!

    Oh, and by the way, we cook a lot only if necessary, the picture you gave is like of 70 years ago…
    Ciao Ciao

  • I'm in Canada as well so if you don't have the ricotta store bought, would it be possible to use the almond ricotta you used in your lasagna roll ups?

  • can you make Russian kulich it's a traditional Easter bread.

  • Look at all those wasted sprinkles! Did you scoop those up?

  • I think this is pretty awesome. i can transform this into a large citrus zest scone. Mmm…I can't wait.

  • OMG can you do Russian peroshkis???? PLEASE. I'm the only girl in the family and they keep saying I have to keep the tradition alive ;_;

  • I've had the Tofutti Ricotta and it was so gross

  • In Italian when you have an "e" at the end of the word you pronounce it like you're adding an "eh" to the end of it (my biggest pet peeve is when "Italian"-Americans pronounce it as "ee". It's just wrong. If you ever meet an American claiming to be "Italian" and that's how they pronounce Italian words ending in "e" then they're not really Italian) so it's "an-jin-ett-eh" or with the accent it's "ahn-jeen-ett-eh".

  • I come from a very big Italian family and watching this video brings back memories of holidays and these cookies! I feel like no one has ever heard of them so thanks for sharing! Definitely going to try this 🙂

  • Whats the "parchment paper lesson"?

  • hey Lauren could you pls do a vegan version of egg tarts or cocktail buns? they are traditional Hong Kong treats that I loved when I was younger but unfortunately can't find vegan version of.

  • Based on Lauren's pronunciation of "ricotta" I knew she wasn't Italian! Lol ❤️ it's ok Lauren

  • Lauren,
    I want to send you a family fav recipe that I veganized. It's a desert called Obscenities (seriously–they're so good, it makes you want to say an obscenity). How should I send you the recipe?