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Lunch Menu Recipe – Andhra style Pappu charu & Cabbage Fry Simple Lunch Menu

South Indian Lunch Menu recipe – today’s simple lunch menu includes pappu charu andhra style and cabbage fry village style.

Simple Lunch Menu Recipe Cabbage Fry

Cabbage Fry Andhra Style

Chop Cabbage
You can do one of two things
Method 1 – Use cabbage without steaming and follow rest of steps
Method 2 – Steam or boild cabbage, squeeze out all water and follow remaining steps

Boil Moong dal ( pesara pappu) and keep aside

Saute garlic
Add cabbage
Add boiled moon dal
Add crushed garlic and cumin ( jeera)
Add red chilli powder

Cabbage fry can be eaten with rice or chapati.

Simple Indian Lunch Menu 2 Pappu charu Andhra Style

Steam Toor Dal ( kandi pappu) and keep aside

Chop vegetables
We have used onions, ladyfinger (bendkai) , tomato, doskai (yellow cucumber), sorkai ( bottle gourd)

Steam or boil the vegetables ( with salt, red chilli powder, haldi, karepatta), if using pressure cooker steam for 1 whistle

to the steamed vegetables add tamarind juice

Add cooked toor dal ( kandi pappu)

add sambhar powder, ghee

bring to a boil

Saute garlic, mustard seeds, jeera and add to the pappu charu

Add coriander leaves

Pappu charu can be eaten with rice or as a lentil soup.

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