बिस्कीट केक | Biscuit Cake Pure Veg Marathi Recipe

Glucose biscuits and milk biscuits can be eaten with the morning tea, as they are light to eat and taste very nice. Chocolate biscuits are something which are eaten directly, or can also be used in making certain puddings.
Here is special recipe of Glucose Biscuit Cake
Biscuit Cake Recipe
1 pkt Glucose Biscuit
1 pkt Hide & Seek Biscuit
4 tsp Sugar Powder
1 Cup Milk
2 tsp Eno
Method :
Grease cake tin
grind all the biscuits & make a fine powder
Take this powder in bowl & mix it well
Add sugar & milk
And make thick batter
Before adding eno to the batter bring half a glass of water to boil in pressure cooker & put wire rack in it
Then add eno into cake mix & mix it well
Pour this batter in Cake tin
Put this cake tin in pre heated pressure cooker
& let it cook for 15 mins without whistle
After 15 min open the lid
Let the Cake cools down completely






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