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Mixed vegetable pakora recipe / pakoda recipe in hindi is an easy evening snacks to make at home.It is quick Indian Vegetarian party starters /appetizer recipes made with vegetables. These vegetable pakoras are also know as vegetable fritters in English. They are made from chickpea flour or gram flour and vegetables and some spices.

How to make crisp pakoras? This is a very common question. To make crisp pakoras you need to add some rice flour along with chickpea flour. Also adding spinach make crisp pakoras. In this mixed vegetable pakora recipe I have also used crushed peanuts which also gives pakodas crispness and taste.

Pakora is a famous Indian snack around the world. You can find different tastes of pakoras in different region. Pakistani pakora recipe is very different from North Indian pakora recipe and South Indian pakora recipe.

Pakoras are made with lots of different vegetables. If you add potato it becomes potato pakora recipe, add onion it becomes onion pakora recipe, add spinach and it turns to onion pakora recipe. But mostly the basics of making pakoras is same.

For all the pakoras you need to make pakora batter. Pakora batter recipe is quick and simple. Add spices and water to chickpea flour and make a smooth and lump free batter. Along with basic spices carom seeds, asafetida,  ginger garlic paste and kasoori methi are added as per choice.

Mostly pakoras are eaten with spicy green chutney in North India. In south India pakoras are served with coconut chutney. You can also try them with peanut chutney. That also tastes good.

How much calories pakoras have ? Hehehe, they are fried so we don’t talk about calories here. Though you can pan fry them but they are different in both taste and texture.

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