Quick Microwave Snacks | Easy Microwave Recipes | Microwave Recipes in Hindi | Urban Rasoi

Quick Microwave Snacks | Easy Microwave Recipes | Microwave Recipes in Hindi | Urban Rasoi

This video is all about Microwave Cooking.
In this video I have shown three easy n healthy microwave snacks recipes which you can easily make in your microwave. These are simple and easy microwave recipes and takes only 5 min.
Most of my viewers requested me to make video on microwave recipes and quick microwave snacks so this video is for you guys.
These are healthy snacks as well as quick also.
In this video I have shown 3 types of healthy and quick snacke.
(1) Roasted Nuts in Microwave
(2) Potato Chips in Microwave
(3) Popcorn in microwave
Do try this at home and let me know by comments.
I have a Series of videos on Convection Microwave Oven in which you can find videos on “How to preheat Convection Microwave Oven”, “How to use a Convection Microwave” and “Amazing microwave Food Hacks”

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