Luchi Aloor Dum Recipe: How To Make Bengali-style Poori And Dum Aloo

Luchi aloor dum is a popular Bengali dish that is prepared as a main course meal on regular days. This delicacy is a Bengali version of poori and dum aloo. In Bengali cuisine, the poori is generally made out of maida. The dum aloo is prepared by a unique method with special bengali garam masala, which adds to the flavour of the dish. The highlight is the caramelized effect of sugar in the gravy that adds to the taste. The luchi aloor dum requires effort and time in the kitchen; however, this main course meal is definitely worth all of it. The crunchy pooris with the soft and flavourful potato makes this dish a super hero, especially among children. Here is a simple yet traditional recipe with a video and the step-by-step procedure having images on how to make the Bengali-style poori and dum aloo.

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