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Chicken and dumplings:

This is a hearty soup I like to make when I’m either really tired from work, sick, or want to make a meal ahead of time in the slow cooker.

I will be making this dish in a regular pot just because I have the time currently but you can follow the same exact steps in a slow cooker and leave it on low while at work or in the evening.

So for this dish you will need only 4 main ingredients!
• Two cans of chicken broth (I like to use fat free/ low sodium)
• One can of cream of chicken soup
• 1 jr sized pack of pillbury grand biscuits or any premade biscuit dough
• Shredded chicken (I like to use thigh I find it’s a moister cut than the breast)
• Salt and pepper to taste

• Bring chicken broth and cream of chicken soup to a boil in a large pot
• In a separate pot boil your chicken thigh till it is cooked thoroughly and set aside to shred
• While you are doing this stick the biscuit dough in the freezer and it’ll be easier to cut when a little stiffened
• Take out biscuits and use scissors your hands to form flat dumplings and drop into the boiling liquid
• Give a good stir before mixing in your chicken
• When dumplings float to the top is when you know the dough is ready
• Salt and pepper to taste and ENJOY!

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