The Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 100 Delicious, Quick & Healthy Recipes – Complete Guide with Pictures, Tips & Tricks, New Release



The Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook is the answer to cooks who are faced with the difficulty of cooking healthy food at home without spending too much time in the kitchen. There are 100 recipes in this cookbook and each of them contains required cooking time. You will just have to follow the recipe instruction. You may find that a lot of recipes have the same direction or many of these recipes are cooked in the same manner, but they have different ingredients that make each and every dish completely different and unique. This book provides you total cooking time, serving and nutritional value of each and every recipe. So use this book and make a delicious and healthy meal at home. Here is what you will find inside: • 25 Soups, Stews and Chili Recipes • 25 Meat, Poultry & Fish Recipes • 35 Seafood Recipes • 15 Desserts Recipes

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