Cheese Potato Lollipop – Quick Easy Snacks Recipe – Party Starters Appetizer Ideas

Cheese Potato Lollipops are very simple easy evening snacks for make at home. It is very yummy and tasty Indian vegetarian party starters appetizer dish. Let’s watch and learn this quick veg recipe.

Ingredients of Cheese Potato Lollipop:
1. Boiled potatoes (2 big sizes).
2. Chopped onion (1 big size).
3. Chopped green chilli (2 no).
4. Dry mango powder (½ tsp).
5. Cheese cube.
6. Garam masala powder (¼ tsp).
7. Chopped coriander leaves (1 tbsp).
8. Grated ginger garlic (½ tsp).
9. Plain flour (3 tbsp).
10. Roasted masala powder (½ tsp).
11. Salt (as per your taste).
12. Refined oil.
13. Bread crumbs.

Making of Cheese Potato Lollipop:
1. First take a bowl. Add boiled potato in it. Smashed it.
2. Add chopped onion.
3. Add coriander leaves.
4. Add chopped green chilli.
5. Add ½ tsp ginger garlic.
6. Add ½ tsp dry mango powder.
7. Add ½ tsp roasted masala powder.
8. Add salt to taste.
9. Add 1/ tsp garam masala powder.
10. Now mix all the ingredients very well.
11. Make small balls by this mixture and add small cheese cubes in each ball.
12. Keep them in refrigerator for 15 min.
13. After 15 min take 3 tbsp flour in a bowl. Add water and make smooth paste.
14. Now deep the balls in paste and then put in bread crumb. Coated it well.
15. Heat oil in pan and deep fry the balls.
16. After frying keep it in a tissue paper.
17. Take tooth peaks and insert to all cheese balls.
18. Cheese Potato lollipop is ready. Serve hot with sauce.

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