Appetizer Recipe: Proscuitto Wrapped Asparagus by CookingForBimbos com

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  • I just used regular bacon with mine, and sprinkled garlic powder and olive oil on them.

  • I just used regular bacon with mine, and sprinkled garlic powder and olive oil on them.

  • I remember having these at one of my sisters parties and they were terrific. She didn't serve your great looking looking dipping sauce, however, I seem to remember her grated some hard Italian cheese on top, I believe it was Asiago.
    You always have such simple, yet elegant recipes, I always enjoy seeing what you're cooking up.
    The happiest of New Years to you and your loved ones Blakely.

  • Beautifully simple, thank you!

  • Perfect appetiser for New Years! Thank you

  • Very nice cook. this will totall add to my bbq beef tenderloin cooked in a shallot red wine reduction sauce. this can be cooked in an oven as well. check out bbq guys and chef tony matassa.  ( probally botched the spelling )  this guy puts out some awesome cooks.thank you so much for this. I was gonna do homemade string beans,but everyone wanted asparagus so this will be my recipe of choice..since Iam the cook.Iam also doing parmesan garlic smoked potatoes..this can be done in the oven as well .check out this recipe from malcome reed he is bbq guy on the circuit and puts some awesome food as well…if you dont bbq or smoke its all good you can do it in the oven.I will do your asparagus on the grill for the smoked flavor..Thanks again